Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Color of Spring

Just a quick note to let you know how Melanie is doing. Its been a hard day for her. She is uncomfortable, discouraged at having to be in the hospital and just worn out. My heart aches for her. Its never fun to be hooked to so many monitors and wires and stuck in bed.

Keep her in your prayers.

On the way to the hospital this morning I stopped to take some pictures of the wildflowers growing in the field by the hospital. Along the roadsides, in all the pastures and the prairie lands, one sees wildflowers by the thousands. Dots of color amid the vibrant greens of April grasses.

The last picture is not a wildflower : )


Peggy said...

Keeping her in my prayers along with you too. Don't get too worn down as you will need your strength to care for daughter and granddaughter.

Rowan said...

Tell, Melanie that Francesca, who was dreadfully ill all through the pregnancy,said afterwards that it was worth every minute of it when she finally held Gabriel in her arms.

theorosfamily said...

We're praying for Melanie and the baby Pat!

Dannielle said...

I continue to pray for Melanie and Mei Ling!

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