Sunday, April 22, 2007

Light Ahead

Today was a good day for Melanie. They took out her IV, and did an ultrasound which showed the baby breathing well. They are doing the test this week to check for lung development and will decide from there, when to do the c-section, but hopefully it will be within a week.

I have spent my days working on the crocheted coat and bonnet for the baby and finished them up today. Next I will work on the lace around the blanket for her.

Today we all seem a bit more hopeful that this wee one will make her appearance sooner than later. We all feel so tremendously blessed that everything looks so good.

I can't help but feel the hand of God in all this.
Each day, even with the difficulties, there has been hope and always prayers answered.

I do want to note here on my post about long hair. I have nothing at all against long hair on a woman of any age, its just in my humble opinion that when it gets to that stringy thin limp stage it just seems to look better put up or pulled back. Part of this might come from my years of seeing so many women look sweet with their hair pulled up and when age crept up on them, they just looked sweeter yet. More grandmotherly or something. I like that old world grandmother look. No doubt that makes me a bit of a strange one, but you can just imagine someone with a bun or braids wound round their head, baking cookies, knitting or taking loaves of fresh bread out of the oven, kneaded by hand, made with love. Apron on. Perhaps I am in my own mind defining what I want to look like as a Grannie.
There are times when I miss the freedom of having my hair covered, as in the Mennonite days. Bad hair days were just not an issue. Just pulled it up, and put on my head covering. Now I have to mess with it or just have everyone see that I am having a bad hair day ! However, I am not missing those days enough to want to go back to it !

The little outfit for Mei-Ling all done. Just need to finish the blanket and make some booties to go along with it. Its made of all cotton, nothing synthetic at all. Good for warm weather too that way.


Peggy said...

beautiful outfit for the baby and beautiful news!

Favorite Apron said...

This pregnancy has been more of a roller coaster ride than anybody should have to endure!

I''m in complete agreement about granny hair. My grandma had long braids that she wore wrapped around her head, along with her dress, corset and stockings, her apron and her ghillie shoes. She truly looked like a grandmother. I'm very against todays unisex look for older women.

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