Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pictures of the Tornado Damage

On the way home from the airport, nearing Ft Worth, this was the view from the highway, of the damage done by the tornado last night. The other side of the highway told a similar story but I was unable to take a picture on that side as the traffic was moving too fast. On the way home the traffic at this spot was going at a snails pace, allowing for some picture taking. Metal roof tops and big signs were flung about as if they were soft pieces of fabric, draping trees in some odd fashion. Buildings reduced to rubble. Trees snapped as if they were toothpicks. Homes left without roof-tops. Huge trucks tossed on top of each other and stacked three high. We in Texas are counting our blessings that so few were hurt by this storm.
If you click the pictures you can see them better.


Aisling said...

Wow, Patty, the forces of nature can be pretty intense, can't they? I'm glad you and your loved ones fared so well.

Lucy said...

I am happy that you are safe.. what a storm sounds frighting

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