Tuesday, April 10, 2007

50 Things That Make You Happy

Every once in a while I make a list for myself of 50 things that make me happy. There are certain things like family that are always on the list, and roses seem to make each list, but as the seasons change, or my mood, there are new additions to the list.

It's a bit therapeutic to make lists of the things that make us happy and going beyond 10 or 20 things makes you think, makes you think about the good in life and how far it reaches. I keep a few of these lists and take them out and look at them when its a "not so good" of a day.

Make yourself a list, have your husband make a list, have your children make a list, they can have 20 things on the list, 50 is a lot for some small children.

And if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged !

here is my list of 50 things today that make me happy... they are not in any particular order.

1. Emery, everything about him !
2. Melissa & James
3. Melanie & Casi
4. Steven & Priscilla
5. My dad
6. My sisters
7. My old friends, yes Rondi and Sunny, thats means you. Peggy are you out there ???
8. My Cousins and Aunts
9. Bird feeders
10. Roses
11. Kittens
12. The new duckling
13. Lilacs
14. Hollyhocks
15. The green of spring
16. Faith
17. Hope
18. Belief
19. That the world is not a random happening
20. People that reach beyond themselves to help others
21. Fabric
22. Whole Foods Market
23. Hand knit socks in wild colors
24. Starbucks with a friend
25. Swimming
26. snow
27. A field of bluebonnets
28. Hiking with Emery all day
29. Good champagne
30. Dancing in the living room with Emery
31. Phone calls from my children
32. Becoming a grandma
33. That Melanie wants me there when the baby is born
34. The feel and smell of a leather bound book
35. Holding hands with Emery
36. Being married
37. Being able to always be home and not have to work
38. Memories of the homeschool years
39. Brunch at LaMadelines
40. A great bargain
41. Old linens
42. A letter in the mail
43. learning a new story about my ancestors
44. The scent of roses on fresh sheets
45. Wildcrafting herbs
46. Kite flying
47. Blowing bubbles with Emery on a windy day
48. having the house all clean
49. Baking a treat that everyone loves
50. knowing the my days of using dial up are almost over !
51. yes, I know I said 50 but...when the scale says I have lost weight, that always makes me happy !!!!


Katie said...

I nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details...

nancyr said...

What makes me happy: my husband, my kids, my grandkids, my mom, my brother, good friends, my home, my porch, and porch swing (made by DH, my dogs, not valuable, but "priceless" family heirlooms, the large spruce tree, planted by my children and me, years ago, the pine trees in my yard, having several acres and a pretty red barn, the tiny cottage we own in Texas, near my youngest daughter's family, daffodils, hyacynths, roses, being frugal, having left a stressful job behind, Goodwill treasures, pretty china, a cup of hot chocolate, being debt free, the American flag waving in the breeze, emails from friends and family, memories of our little farm when the children were little, and we had baby goats, lambs, ponies, and barn kittens, my cobalt blue and white kitchen and family room, beadboard, old movies, my antique wood burning stove, snowy December days, Christmas, making a "silk purse out of a sow's ear", being "Grancy", LIFE!

Patty said...

Thanks Katie

Sunny said...

Can't tell ya 50 things 'cause I wouldn't be able to stop there. Every time I wake up is a happy day. But, thanks for asking because I gotta share one thing that gives me joy today. There is a little rural Georgia high school where the students have decided to break with a bad tradition and have their first ever non-segrated prom. The principal backs them all the way. A little research showed that about half the kids are on the free lunch program, bringing up a concern that some of them may not be able to afford a prom ticket. But, this is a happy thing too. Because I am enjoying the opportunity to work with school leadership to start a fund to sponsor kids who would otherwise not be able to go. Sometimes one good happy think is enough for a whole day.

Rondi said...

Thanks for getting my mind off other things tonight, Patty. You're right. It's good to count your blessings. I count you as one of mine =)

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