Friday, January 27, 2006

Busy Day

Today is a busy day for me, we are having company tonight which means an added 11 people at our table. So you can imagine its a day of cooking and baking. I did manage to get some quilting done this morning while the bread was raising.
The menu is Zippy Beef casserole, steamed corn, fresh home made bread, fried cabbage and for dessert there is either cranberry coffee cake or pumpkin squares.
The house is all tidy and ready for quests so I took some pictures to show you more of my house. All the pictures on my blog are most often taken right here at home, where I spend most of my time.
The fire has the house cozy and warm today which made for good bread baking.
Lets see, there is a picture of our boys old bedroom, now used a guest room and their old bookshelves hold my fabric. Two of my own dolls, Baby Dear sit on one of the beds. If you think there appears to be clutter around, these are just things used daily.
Another picture is of some items I use in the kitchen, they sit on a shelf over the stove. And the final picture is of course the living room. Its the room we spend most of our time in as its the warmest in winter and the coolest in summer. Tomorrow I will post some recipes and some pictures of our company, if they agree to that !
Back to the kitchen..


Inga Helene said...

It sure looks like a lovely home, and for what it's worth; This looks like a cosy, traditonal Norwegian home, just like my grandmother's house.


JudyL said...


You have a wonderful, warm, inviting home. I am sure your guests will have a wonderful visit. The food sounds yummy (as does everything you tell us about). I surely hope your guests agree to your posting pictures. While you're at it . . we've seen everyone and everything but you! How about handing the camera off to someone else for a few shots? :)

Judy L.

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