Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Best Farm Shoes Ever

With experience there is an opportunity for wisdom. On the farm it was always hard to find work shoes that were good. Mud boots are fine for wet weather but they sure aren't much protection against animals stepping on your toes. Leather work boots are ok but they get wet and then they tend to change shape, and most of them have an amazing ability to collect mud in the soles. And to be honest, big old work boots don't go well with my skirts. You begin to think I ought to have a corn cob pipe held tight in my jaw, and be an expert moonshiner. Yes, I know that is a stereotype, but we are good at that sort of visualization.
Many years ago we came up with the perfect farm shoe. Works great with heavy wool socks or just bare feet in summer. Keeps the wetness out in rainy weather, and a cow can step on your toe and you are just alright. Now admittedly these shoes are not the style at this time but they do receive lots of comments if you happen to wear them to town. My youngest daughter wore them to Wal-Mart a year or so ago and people sure did look at her. She was a clomp clomping through the store and she turned heads. People didn't know if they should laugh or ignore her.
We had a good laugh just at their reactions.
If your in the market for a perfect farm shoe that is multipurpose, then these are just for you. Oh by the way, they look great with skirts and dresses.
And as you can see, we all have them.


La Tea Dah said...

And where would one find these delightful shoes for purchase?

JudyL said...

Exactly what I was gonna ask . . where do you get them? Do they last forever? My husband is a wood turner. Maybe I should see if he could make some?? Don't think I have much use for them around here but it really is nice when you find something that really works!

Judy L.

Inga Helene said...

Have you seen the Dutch version of these? With lost of decorative painting? Not shoes to wear, but lovely as a decor.


Favorite Apron said...

They don't look dirty enough to be farm shoes! : )

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