Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Update on Yen

Thank you all for the prayers for Yen...it appears he has a viral infection of some sort. His lab work came back o.k.. But, on the down side the Dr told Melanie and Casi the extent of his VESICOURETERAL REFLUX. Grade 2 on one side and Grade 3 on the other. Seeing the Doctor the end of the month will give them more information on how the Doctor wants to treat it.
From what we hear, its hereditary, but no one knows of anyone on either side that has had problems.
We are praying for a quick recovery for the little one. His fever is down a bit and he is still eating well.
Thank you again for all the prayers and kind words.


debi said...

Praying for your baby Yen. God Bless his Grandma too.

Teri said...

I'm sorry your family is contending with this with your sweet babies. If you and Melanie are interested, I found an inredible parent resource for pediatric kidney issues when my son was diagnosed last year. The group moderator, Manu, is so knowledgeable and responsive. Parent members are from all over - the States and world. The knowledge and peace I've found is invaluable. I go into dr. appts armed with the right questions and can keep the scary stuff in perspective. I've never participated in a Web forum before, but this has been a godsend during our journey. Grandmas can join, too. :)

With much affection,

Kidney Corner

My Tanner's Story

Marci said...

Praying here Pat.

Teri said...

Poor little guy. Sending good wishes his way...

Anonymous said...

More prayers your way. What a dear little guy, your Yen. Your grand babies are a blessing and blessed to have you in their lives.

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