Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Miracle of Life

Once again I have had the joy of seeing kids born. It never seems like "oh well, I've seen it many times." Its always miraculous to me, leaves me in that sort of hushed awe sort of feeling.
Faith had her kids just about 2 hours ago, a big buck kid that had a hoof stuck so I had to help and then she gave birth to a tiny little doe. So dainty and with the tiniest of cries, but she seems healthy and was up standing in no time at all, looking for her new food source.
I have loved goats for decades and we have had them for 2 decades and there are times when I wonder why we have them, milking every 12 hours sort of ties you to home. No big vacations or weekend get-aways without massive planning and when we have left them in someone elses care in the past, we have come home to some sort of problem. Melanie is just down the road and would do a fine job, but she is a little busy right now ! But, when those moments of feeling so tied down do arrive, all I have to do is go sit out by the barn and watch my goats for a bit and then it seems all worth it, and on days like today, watching the kids being born, seeing the miracle of life right before my eyes, well, that just seals the deal on why we have our little farm and live a life of simplicity.


Patricia said...

Oh gosh I love kidding time! They are so sweet and really do remind us of the miracle of life.

Lisa said...

My mini Nubian had triplets two weeks ago. One was small and too weak to stand so he became a bottle baby. They are such fun to hold and watch, especially for our children. Recently, I saw a photo on a Nigerian goat website....the doe had! Enjoy your new kids!

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