Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching Up Time

We celebrated Mei-Lings birthday this weekend, even though her actual birthday is not until tomorrow, which we will celebrate again with a family meal and a small cake for her. This year we all seem to want to go a little overboard for her knowing that her surgery is the 28th, the day after her birthday. It seems as though it gets harder for everyone emotionally, the older Mei-Ling gets. She is such a sweet child, it just breaks our hearts to think of her suffering any pain. Yen has his Doctors appointment tomorrow to find out just how they will deal with his VESICOURETERAL REFLUX . We are praying hard that he will not need surgery. Your prayers are appreciated for these two precious ones.
This morning is skies, birds singing and the perfect temperature for working in the garden and doing all the chores. I should be doing housework, but its not nearly as much fun as sitting on a stump watching the baby goats play !
So often I hear talk of the "must have's" and such and think to myself, if I were a millionaire I would not want to change the way we live. Simplicity is just easy on the soul, easy on the spirit and gives so much more than money could ever buy. Keeping it simple, keeps me grounded and the ground is where my feet walk.


healinggreen said...

I agree completely! What a wonderful inspiration you always are.

I'll keep thoughts of your little ones in my heart....


Carole said...

Of course we will be praying for Yen as well - and Melanie and Casi, and the whole family. My heart goes out to Melanie especially, how strong she is !!!

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