Monday, April 26, 2010

Indian Paintbrush

Just down the road from my house there are some beautiful Indian Paintbrush in bloom. Today was the perfect day for taking some photos of them. Of course there was a rather large snake laying claim to the area too. I decided he could stay and I would more than willingly leave.


Julze said...

Wow...I wasn't sure what an Indian Paint brush was...they are amazing! Love the pics of Mei-ling enjoying them. :-)

grbev said...

This little one gets more beautiful with each passing day. Outstanding pictures, Grandma!

She will be in my prayers this week.

Bev in Utah

aimee said...

Beautiful! I love wildflowers and it's nice to see some in other locales! Mei-ling is also very beautiful--as always:)
I'll be praying for the children. God be with you all.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

What beautiful flowers. (Almost as lovely as the little girl). But I would leave the snake to his territory, too.

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