Thursday, April 01, 2010

Some Very Big Trees

I saw the highway dept taking down some street signs and thought something was up, then the Fire Marshall parked across from my house, then a pilot truck bearing many "WIDE LOAD" signs and finally the wide load came slowly down our road, two 18 wheelers with the biggest trees I have ever seen on a truck. I suspect they are for the University down the road. Excitement for a few brief moments.
It ended up that they had to back completely down our road, they could not make it the rest of the way and on top of that, we were not the road they were looking for. The trees are for the new Cowboy Stadium and not for anything local. What a nightmare of a job for these men today. I have never seen such driving skills though. Backing down the road in snake like fashion to avoid the lowest points in the wires that cross the road was no easy task I am sure.


Sunny said...

Oooh, that sounds like a lot of fun to see. Very entertaining. PS, all the best to little Mei today.

Marianna said...

That's what my daddy does! Not tree hauling. He hauls parts of the wind towers that dot the west Texas landscape. Heavy haul is definitely a challenge. I can promise you those drivers were super frustrated as they are routed by the state who obviously made a boo boo!

If you're curious there is a picture of his truck and trailer on my blog

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