Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good Saturday Morning To You !

A damp, gray rainy Saturday it is here in North Texas but still so full of beauty. "Raindrops on roses" as the song goes. Classical music floods the house with the most joyous sounds. The smell of coffee coming from the kitchen. Windows and doors open, letting the sounds of springtime mingle perfectly with the music. One can touch the depth of your own soul on such a moment in time, feel all the beauty within that self talk so often tries to chase away. Now to savor the moment !
photos from my garden this morning and a vase of roses freshly picked from my rose garden


The Stricklands said...

It is rainy in our part of Texas too. Have a blessed weekend, and thank you for the beautiful pictures.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I feel as fresh as a rose or an iris looking at these pictures. We had a few snowflakes in ne Ohio

Julze said...

oooh what gorgeous photos! have a blessed day!

Dawn said...

It is a pretty nice day in Texas today, isn't it? A bit muggy, but not that warm.
I love grey, dismal days like this. It will be wonderful on my walk later on this evening. :)

Have you gone to Antique Alley at all?
I went yesterday with Annie Elliott and we had a blast. :) The fellowship together was the best part of course.

Enjoy your weekend!

Patty said...

Have been a couple times Dawn, but these days I am de-cluttering so staying far away from yard sales !!!

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