Thursday, April 01, 2010

More News and Another Prayer Request

Tomorrow morning Yen will be having a CAT scan and one other test to see if he has any of the same issues that Mei-Ling has. We are praying they don't find anything amiss. He seems very healthy but it will rest everyones mind to know for sure.
There is a bit more news regarding Mei-Ling too. She will be having a surgery the day after her third birthday to move her stoma further down on her stomach, so that it will be easier to care for and not interfere so much with her clothing. She will also be seeing her neurologist again to look further into her nerve damage in her bladder and base of her spine. Next year they hope to do the procedure they did today, again to see if there is any improvement. That just makes me sick thinking about it.
Keep these little ones in your prayers please.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

It is so sad to see children suffer and feel we have so little power in ourselves to change that. But we can certainly pray, and I do and will. And you all are giving your grandchildren a life of feeling surrounded by love and kindness.

clairz said...

Oh, that sweet little girl has been through so much! It's got to be so hard on everyone around her. I hope it helps you all to know that she is in the minds and hearts of so many, thanks to you and your blog.

Rondi said...

Patty, I think of you and pray for you and your family every day. It's hard to see Mei Ling going through so much in her life already, but she's such a blessed little girl to be so surrounded by such love and care. I know she's making a diference in the lives of all she meets and all who hear about her. That's a lovely legacy in itself.

Happy Easter!

Williams Arena said...

Beautiful babies. I'll be praying. Have a blessed Easter.

Jean said...

Patty, prayers said for you and your loved ones.

Take care,

Janette said...

Haven't heard from you- a bit worried.

Praying continues.

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