Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Day

Good news to report, just talked to my daughter and Mei is doing fine, actually running around and playing as if she never had surgery. An answer to prayer for certain.
Its been a busy but productive day. Kids have been disbudded, had their shots and the boys castrated. All part of farm life. Glad to have it all done.
Took a stroll in the sun to see how my roses are doing and it is such a delight to see their wonderful colors and smell their heavenly scents. Its refreshing to just walk around and breathe in the fresh spring air and know all is well. I was thinking how there is no money in the world that can buy you this sort of experience. Peace that springs forth from faith, hope and contentment. No need to worry about what anyone else has and it is simply priceless to feel confident enough, that you can be your authentic self without the need to impress anyone with what you own, what you know, how pious you are, or how your house looks or doesn't look.
Maybe that is the greatest aspect of contentment, being able to be yourself. No games played.
Here are some pictures from my day so far.....Life is good.

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Morning's Minion said...

Your photos are always a feast for the senses.
I was off-line for a few days and missed that Mei-Ling was scheduled for surgery. Glad it went well.
So busy planting our first garden in Kentucky--the joy of it compensates for the hard work!

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