Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Gnomes and Elf Slippers

Since I packed away all the Autumn decorations, including the gnomes, I made some Christmas gnomes last night for the children to play with. They are so tiny, about 2 inches tall without their hats. The girls braids are made of embroidery floss braided.
Today I finished up the elf slippers for Yen, they are so simple to make, the very same pattern my mother used to make slippers for me when I was a child. Just knit a square and sew up the bottom and halfway up one side, fold over the top and you have a pair of slippers. I put bells on the toes of Yens and even though I sewed them on very very well, we are not going to let him get his feet near his mouth !
Love this time of the year, so many fun things to make for the holidays.


Becky said...

How big of a square do you make? for the slippers? I'm thinking my little nephew would like a pair for Christmas.

Patty said...

I usually make the square an inch or so longer than the length of the foot, that way you have room for the pointed end of the slipper

Becky said...


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