Monday, November 29, 2010

More of The Homestead Heritage Craft Fair

Emery and I went back to the fair on Sunday to see what it was like on the last day. It was less crowded, but certainly there was less to buy as so many things had sold on Friday and Saturday.
A friend of mine that is part of the community there told me there was about 7,000 visitors on Friday and then about the same on Saturday .
Here are a few photos from Sundays visit. The little basket was made by a 5 year old boy in the community....extraordinary !
The first photo was taken from the car on the way home, it just felt like the sky was saying , "day is done."


Morning's Minion said...

Thank you for these several posts of such beautifully crafted items. It reminds me that a lifetime will never be long enough to make all the things I would like to try.

Carole said...

Wow, fantastic. This is the kind of place I would gladly visit. I'm impressed by the work of the 5 year old boy !
And handmade goatmilk soap ? OOOOOHHHH...

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