Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Beauty of the Day

The sun is hanging low in the western sky, the world around me is ablaze with the golden hues of the late afternoon sun. I just now went out to gather eggs and was taken aback by the beauty of the sun and shadows falling on the nest box closest to the hen house door. Golden rays, 18 karat at least, were cast over three perfect brown eggs, snuggled in the hay. The kitten under my feet meowed at me for her food, the cold winds are blowing today and I am sure she needed some fuel to help her stay warm, but at this moment in time, I was caught in the spell of the beauty of the setting sun. Mittens would just have to wait a minute for her food...I needed to soak in every aspect of this speck of time. A simple moment, but it felt Holy.
We so often don't take time to be outside during this part of the day, which is a bit sad. Right now, our leaves are turning color. Not the reds, oranges and yellows of New England that I grew up with, but still in their own right, there is beauty in them. There is still a telling of a story each fall as the leaves dry and catch the November winds, being tossed about as if they were part of natures ticker tape parade. I am thankful for windows free from curtains, just clean glass window panes letting the outside shine in, and allowing me to see the transformation from day to night, summer to fall and fall to winter. The cedar window frames that Emery made seem to come alive in the late afternoon sun. The rich grain, taking on more color, the knots bolder, yet natural and soothing. This is my favorite part of the day in November. The dropping temperature tells me its time to build a fire in the stove and put the kettle on for a cup of tea.
And soon, the love of my life will walk through the door, his work day done. He will grab a kiss from me, ask about my day and call me his "gal". Life is good, especially when we take the time to see that.

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