Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dolls On The Way

With Christmas just around the corner, I have been busy making presents for the grandchildren. I will be making each child a Waldorf doll, just as I made for my own girls so many years ago.
My hands have been busy knitting small afghans, small capes and leg warmers. Pillows and mattresses' for basket beds, little sheets and pillow cases of the softest flannel. The dolls are still on the sewing table, ready to be put together, but first they needed their beds and their clothes. I have been using Melissa's doll, now 25 years old as a model, her well loved body showing wear. Her mouth is gone, perhaps from too many kisses ! Her hair thin from so much braiding and styling in the years past. She was well loved, well played with. I hope these new dolls, yet on the sewing table will be just as well played with and loved.


Anonymous said...

beautiful work! handmade items are so much nicer than mass-produced ones :-)

Lib said...

I love your Handmade with Love Christmas!!You're making wonderful Sweet memories:o)
Love the sweater and leggings from your last post!
Have apple pies made and in the freezer from your recipe for TGiving:o)
Have a great wkend!

Janette said...

Do you have a pattern? I would dearly enjoy making one for my grandson!

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