Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Preparations

Most of my day was spent in the kitchen, except for a short time when Melanie, the children and I went to Seven Sisters Bake Shop to pick up two Apple pies and two pumpkin rolls. It was a lovely day for a ride in the country. Both children fell sound asleep in the car. Yen on the way there, and Mei-Ling on the way home.
My day started early, making stuffing for the turkey, and thanks to my dear daughter Melissa, I was once again able to make it with Bell Seasoning, a New England must for stuffing. She was kind enough to send me some. I made the sweet potatoes, the green beans, and our favorite
New England Corn pudding, Tonight I made the pumpkin pies and had a workout cutting up two big butternut squash. There is a big pot of them on the stove right now, simmering in maple syrup. In the morning I will roast the turkey, cook the potatoes and make some angel biscuits. If I have time I will fry up some parsnips too. We eat such a typical Yankee meal every Thanksgiving. I love traditions for the holidays, even though it means a lot of cooking goes on for a couple days. Our table will be full of family and friends, but we will all miss not having Melissa and James here with us. Vermont seems so far away at times.
Its time for me to finish up my work and head to bed. A good nights sleep is in order for the busy day tomorrow.


clairz said...

Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your wonderful family.

kykathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Patty! Have a wonderful, blessed day!

grbev said...

I discovered the most wonderful thing several years ago. I bake my turkey (and an extra breast) in turkey bags the day before Thanksgiving. I slice the turkey and place it in a large pan (with tight fitting lid) and pour several cans of chicken broth over the meat. The next day (Thanksgiving) I just place the pan in the oven until the meat is hot and steamy. So much easier and no mess because it was all cleaned up the day before).

Much love from Utah,


Morning's Minion said...

We so hoped for butternut or hubbard squash from our garden this year--they were destroyed by vine-borers. I'm hoping we can learn a way to defeat those creatures another year. Squash is such a winter staple for those of us raised in New England.

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