Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Morning Sun

The morning sun was much welcomed today after a rainy day yesterday. Before the sun was peeking out over the horizon, I had the washer going. It looks like a great day for hanging out clothes...sunny with a breeze. This morning was just too pretty to make the hens stay in the coop until afternoon, so I let them out early hoping they will not seek some well hidden place to lay their eggs. If they stay in the hen house until afternoon, then eggs are right in the nesting boxes.
After the laundry was hung up, I headed for the garden to do some hoeing. Weeds grown even in November here in Texas, but not as fast as they do in spring time. I stopped once in a while to just look up and watch the crows calling to one another as they flew overhead. Mei-Ling now can identify crow calls and a few other bird calls. She even has taken up using my crow caller, trying very hard to sound like the ones around here. Mei-Ling may just end up being a lover of crows like her grandmother. Raising crows from time to time has shown me just how intelligent and fun these birds can be.
Then on to the garden work, it was time to bring in some firewood since its going to get cold tonight. Perhaps tomorrow morning will be our first breakfast of the season cooked on the wood stove. I like that idea. It suits me well to cook eggs and potatoes from our little farm cooked on our little stove, heating up the house to a perfect toasty warm.
Life is good and keeping it simple makes it even better.
Looks like a person or an angel pushing the cloud in the first picture
seeds waiting to be scattered by a good wind
A rose, bloom gone but appearing to be wearing a crown
Mittens on the lounge chair
laundry on the line
Solomon the rooster appears to be standing on his head
the garden


Teri said...

We haven't seen any pictures of your dog lately...I love his face!

cheryl said...

Perfect post Patty . You are living life the way it should be lived . Simple but very full and rewarding .

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

PBS had an amazing program about crows a few days ago. I was fascinated. They are so intelligent!

I love seeing the pictures of your Texas world, Patty! Thank you.

Patty said...

we watched that show Kristi and enjoyed it so much. I have raised crows and am always amazed by how smart they are and they will talk like a parrot if you teach them

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