Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Coming Of Evening

As the sun began to set, I was doing my chores. The sky to the west was full of color. By the time my chores were done, the colors were so much more intense. Now in the house, looking out the kitchen window, there is a peace that has spread through the house with a fullness that is not to be described with words.


~Brooke~ said...

Hi, Patty, I have always loved your blog but yesterday I was really able to sit down and take it all in. Now I REALLY love it. I hope this doesn't sound weird but I have spent a long time just going through all your past posts and enjoying the photos. I am coming out of a very stressful time of what I thought I wanted, and getting back to that simplicity, so this is just what I needed and it has been very therapeutic. I'm continuing to catch up with everything and I just wanted to let you know how touched I have been - that I feel I can share these things with you. It's as if I am able to visit with you at your place..something I long to have and know I will eventually. Thank you and I hope you continue... I pray God and the angels continue to uplift and keep you, your family, and the way YOU want to live safe. It is a testament truly. God bless.

only by grace said...

Beautiful sky! Many blogs I have been reading are showing the wonderous colors God had given us that week!

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