Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Ramble

It's warm out this morning, so warm that I broke out in sweat as I was stacking wood. But a change is on the horizon, colder weather is coming our way. Cold for Thanksgiving, wind chills may be in the 20's. With the coming cold, it feels good to have some wood stacked up close to the house, rather than having to trek all the way out to the woodshed every day.
We have a family of squirrels that I have gotten to know. Momma squirrel has a very long tail, and a split in one ear. I call her, Mrs Long Tail and she is the most industrious creature. Always chasing her little ones, there are two as far as I can tell, or she is gathering acorns and pecans to bury all over our land. She squawks at me as I come close, and chatters loudly as if to warn me that she is far too busy for any social calls. I love watching them, but refrain from feeding them.
Today, it seemed we were working in the same area with the same motive, preparing for winter. Wondering about the old wives tale, that you can tell what kind of winter to expect by the bushy-ness of a squirrels tail, it looks like we going to have just a mild winter. I love winter, so that sort of disappoints me.
We still have roses in bloom, many of them actually, but they are blooming on bushes that have fewer leaves and that look a bit straggly.
There is wash hanging on the line, bed linens and curtains, flying in the autumn wind like sails on a ship. Makes me smile just to watch them from the kitchen window. The last batch of laundry soap I made is peppermint scented, since I used some of my peppermint home made soap in it.
Its a nice scent for cooler weather. Makes you think of candy canes.
The little dolls are coming together, this morning I made the bodies for the little baby dolls for Yen and Victoria, one pink and one blue. The heads are nearly done. Tiny treasures for real treasures. Little dolls that are perfect to sleep with, stuffed with wool that takes on the warmth of the child and becomes warm itself.
This holiday season I am committed to making all the presents for the little ones. Children are surrounded by plastic these days, rather sad actually.
Much to do today, so I had best get to work. It is a day of joyful work, and I go about it with a happy heart.

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Janette said...

We are in BIG trouble. Our squirrels are the largest we have ever seen. Their tails are thick with fur- more like a dog's tail.
All the animals seem to be stocking up.
I do love winter. I didn't grow up with it- but I cannot imagine being without it now!

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