Saturday, November 13, 2010

Joy In The Morning

Silence fills every corner of the house this morning. Shadows and sunshine mix together in an Autumn dance on the wall and the floor. Its a chilly morning, I woke with the both the down comforter and the quilt pulled tight around my neck. It took a lot to pull myself out from under all that warmth and brace the chill in the house. Its never instant heat when you have to build a fire in the stove. A warm shawl and thick wool socks help me stay comfortable.
Much to be done this morning, laundry soap to be made, a sweater to sew together, and little leg warmers to be knit. Along with that comes the normal work of every day, which fills me with joy to do. I mean that. I love the tasks at home. I do believe Gibran was so correct when he wrote, "Work is love made visible." Each task done, is done with the thought that it makes our home a place we both want to be more than any other place on earth. Prayers whispered for our children and grandchildren as I make the bed, dust the furniture or sweep the floor. This little home of ours stuffed with love, so much so that it overflows just the way we want it to.
The fire needs tending, coffee needs to be sipped and I need to get busy.
Have a blessed day.
this little wooden sign hangs in our milk barn

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