Saturday, July 12, 2008

Morning Ramble

I watched the sun come up this morning. It took a couple hours of watching. There is something almost magical about the way the color of the sky changes moment by moment. For a brief second the sky was a periwinkle color. When I decided just what color name the sky was, first thing that came to mind was the crayon by that color, I loved the name but hardly ever used the crayon. Then something came to me that had not come to mind in many a year. Periwinkles, the little snails found by the ocean between low tide and high tide. I used to delight in finding them as a child. They amused me by the hour. It seems almost tragic to me, well actually it does seem tragic, nothing "almost" about it, that the majority of children these days spend so much time indoors. Video games, Wii games, with virtual bowling alleys and tennis courts. Whats wrong with just playing outside with imagination ?
A busy day ahead of me. Feed store, Farm supply store for more fencing and an additional gate. Pepper needs a pen for a few hours a day so the chickens can roam safely and I can hang up clothes without having them pulled off the line ! Need to find time to paint the milking stand and get a few other outside chores done. Next month is August and then comes September and before you know it, it will be fall time. Goats to be bred, barns to be cleaned and hayed, fall garden to be planted. Seems like I am rushing things, but you have to have plans and make preparations for each season. I am thinking about getting some sheep, maybe just one, not sure. Would like to have wool.
Just looked out the window and saw a female woodpecker at the feeder, she was so intent on eating, it didn't bother her one bit to have me watching her. I notice the leaves of the trees are quaking in the breeze. Almost as if they were vibrating. The wind seems timid, random. Shaking branches instead of bending them. Nature is always fascinating, even when its harsh and not so gentle. There are a pair of hawks that have been hanging around Melanie and Casi's house. They even perched on a dead limb of the oak tree in Melanie's yard. She watches them every day soar and fly the thermals over her house. Melanie loves birds of prey, and did some falconry when she was a teen, with a red tailed hawk. The hawk, held on her hand, tethered until she set it free to do what comes naturally to them. It was a good experience for Melanie. Gave her a love of birds of prey that she may never have otherwise. I saw the pair this morning, fly over my house, heading towards the sky over Melanie's house. I suspect we share their territory. I am forever thankful that my girls love animals and birds. Compassion for Gods creatures is a good thing. I heard about someone shooting puppies last night, because they didn't get their dog fixed and she had puppies, he took them out back and shot them. Cruelty is hideous. The dog is not been spayed, so it will happen again and again. It sickens me.
It's time for me to get some chores done and have some breakfast, my stomach is growling.

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Janette said...

Today must be the day to reflect on our homes:>) I have to admit that I am a bit jealous that your daughter lives close enough to enjoy a hawk's territory

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