Friday, July 25, 2008

The Beauty of Simplicity

What surrounds me each day, gives me such peace. Chickens drinking the cats water, a kitten stopping to pose for a picture, flowers, garden blessings, clothes flapping in the breeze, clouds profoundly beautiful and so much more. A goat face. The sound of summer insects singing in the heat of the day. A bird song. A pause to hear silence. No rushing around, no heading off here and there. Contentment at home. These are pictures from yesterday.


my house by the river said...

Dear patti,

I feel so blessed that you allow us to enter your home through your pictures. Your homestead is absolutely lovely.

Thank you for sharing your precious moments :)


Rebecca said...

As always I love the pictures.

I think hubby is in trouble. I think it is time to stop putting off getting me my line outside. It would save so much on the electric if I didn't have to run the dryer.


eggsintomatoes said...

Hey! I have the same red kitchen towel :-)

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