Dinner for Two

When Emery walked through the door, supper was ready....beet salad, pasta and frozen grapes for dessert. We talked about the day, enjoyed soft music, candle light and a chilled glass of wine. Dinner for two !
The candles were a real bargain, $1 each at Big Lots !


Dana Jones said…
oooie! romance is in the air! That is a really cool photo of the wine glass and the candle light!

I hope you love birds had a nice time!
Patty said…
Hi Dana,
we had a lovely meal, then went outside to do the farm chores !
We often have meals like that and just love them. Dating all over again : )
mary said…
Oh - I want to come eat at your house! Your pictures are always beautiful, and Emery is a blessed man.
TJ said…
Sounds like a wonderful date!

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