Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still No DSL

The snow has almost all melted, the sun is shining and I am borrowing a computer for a few minutes to say hello to all my blog readers. In a way, its been kind of nice not having the computer. I find myself getting more done. None of that checking email every few minutes and then finding that an hour has gone by.
This morning I had the privilege of hanging up a few loads of wash while listening to the birds sing and watching the squirrels hop from one branch to another over my head. How wonderful it was to be outside in Gods creation and smell fresh air, look up at the blue sky and see green grass under my feet. Feeling more convicted than ever that hanging clothes on the line is so good for your health, and mental well being. It gets you outside.
I grow to understand the importance of simple living more each day. It brings peace to your world and that's important these days. We seem to live in a world where chaos and confusion rule.
Last year at this time we were planting the garden, now we are waiting for the last of the snow piles to melt and watching the weather as they give us a hint that more snow may fall in the near future. The garden will have to wait.
Hoping to be back on line in a day or so. To be honest, we have done little to remedy the situation as this little break from technology is a welcome one.
Life is good and simple is best !

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Teri said...

I think a break from the computer is a great idea once in a while! Although I think I started to go through Patty withdrawl. :-(

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