Friday, February 19, 2010

Evening Chores

As the day light fades and night creeps in with shades of gray blue, the world around me seems softer, calmer, much like how it is when a small child is bathed and put in pajama's, ready for quiet time. Emery walks by the window, still working on last minute chores, like bringing in more firewood, putting away the tools he used to fix a spot in the goat barn where Faith caught her foot today. There are no lights on in the house yet, this gradual darkening of the day seems natural to me, yet if I had been out to town and came home to this degree of darkness in the house, I would be quick to turn on lights. Strange how things are different when they come on slowly, and we feel accustomed to the changes.

I spent the day with Mei-Ling. Melanie had a Drs appointment, hard to imagine but wee Yen is already 6 weeks old. I offered to take Mei-Ling on the town with me, for a fun Grammie and Mei day. She is such a sweet child. Kindness overflows from her heart in a way I have never seen from a small child. She asks you, "are you happy ? " and she really wants to know you are happy. Perhaps she has deeper compassion and understanding as a child from all that she has been through. She seems wise beyond her years. When I answer her question and say, "yes, Mei-Ling I am very happy, thank you." she smiles and says in her still baby like voice, "You are welcome" and it always seems like more than just an automatic response. There is sincerety in it.

Next month Mei-Ling will be having some tests and seeing her urologist. We are all hoping and praying that they can reverse her vesicostomy. The situation needs lots of prayer. Her life would seem so much more normal if this could be reversed.

Mei-Ling and I did some shopping and then I asked her if she would like to go out for lunch. A burger maybe, or a taco perhaps. No, she told me she would like Chinese food, so the two of us went to our favorite restaurant where the owners feel like family to us and the waitresses all dote and lavish Mei-Ling with attention. A wonderful meal was enjoyed by the two of us and it felt like such precious time together. This little child, such good company, chattering away and trying chop sticks with lots of laughter, deciding a folk is much easier. Loquats popped into her mouth, whole. Juice and giggles escaping both at the same time from the corners of her perfect little lips. What joy in my day ! What joy in my evening as soft music seems to match the flickering of the candles that are burning on the table. I hear the love of my life coming through the back door, oh that wonderful sound of a screen door slamming shut. So home like, so ordinary, yet such a sound that you always want to hear your whole life long.

Chickens locked up safe and sound, goats too. Harry sleeping on his rug by the door. Life is good.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I really believe when someone is having a good life like yours, and is aware of it and grateful for it as you are, the whole world is made better and stronger.

Carole said...

Such a lovely day out with little Mei-Ling ! It "makes my heart smile" just reading it. She seems to be such a lovely little girl.

Genny said...

The colors in this photo are my favorite color combinations. I'm naturally drawn to them. I don't know why. My grandkids call me Grammy too!

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