Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Simple Life

It has been a quiet day, the kind that lingers in a good way. A little visit from Mei-Ling to help me make what she calls, "happy day cup cakes". Extra chores done in preparation for more snow on Tuesday. They are saying 4-6 inches for our area. It has been quite a winter, the results of a strong El Nino. Emery was chopping wood, cutting up kindling and clearing away some branches that were over the barns. It was warm out today, nearly 70. Mei-Ling played outside with no jacket on, it wasn't needed in the sunshine. But now, its getting cold. Too late to bother with a fire in the wood stove, instead we will just pile on the blankets tonight and then deal with the stove in the morning. Tomorrow I will be busy making a new ticking for the feather bed in the guest room, its time...the old one is about 10 years old. I chose red and off white ticking..I love red and that fact seems to dictate many of the choices I make. Maybe I can get started with the quilts I have planned for that room too. The plans are for red and white Sunbonnet Sue and Sam. The fabric has been purchased for curtains too and plans for embroidered pillow cases. The room needs to be more suited for both girl and boy as the grandchildren's beds are in there. As it is now, its all girl, pink and white everywhere and I suspect Yen may not like that when he is a bit older.
Lots to do tomorrow which means time to turn in and call it a day.
I count my blessings that my life is a simple one. Full of the ordinary sort of things like chopping wood, making soap, hanging laundry on the line, getting kisses from sweet grand-children and hugs from grown up children. Holding hands with the man that fills my heart and being able to live just the life I always wanted and never feeling alone.
Choices made long ago set things in motion to have this simple life and a strong belief that God does answer prayers and give us the desires of our heart.


marci said...

I like red too! I work at living as simply as I can, though maybe from a little different angle as location and children's ages dictate...I do leave the sowing up to others, as it puts me into a frenzy, though I was taught how to sew...and have endeavored to pass that knowledge to my children.
And thanks for the warning of 'cold days to come':)

Amy said...


Have you considered doing YouTube videos on making soap, candles, animal husbandry, gardening, etc.? I'm sure there's great interest in seeing these skills demonstrated.

Morning's Minion said...

As always, I enjoyed your photos and to read of your sewing plans.
I will likely be nearly a month without internet as our cross-country move takes place. I will be anxious to catch up with your family happenings once I'm reconnected.

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