Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Snow In North Texas

It has been snowing steadily since 3 in the morning. It seems to be getting heavier and heavier as the day progresses. The roads are slushy and slick. We are not used to have multiple inch snows here and it shuts everything down. Right now I think we have had about 5 inches and they are saying the snow will continue until about midnight..
I am ever so grateful for this simple life of mine, that gives me opportunity to enjoy these special winter days.
I have had so much fun taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of the day. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.
We are thinking, this may not be one of those years when we plant the spring garden around Valentines day !


Renee said...

Beautiful pictures! We're enjoying this snow too. Perfect weather for a big pot of hot soup and homemade bread for dinner.

aimee said...

Absolutely love,love,love your beautiful bird photos! Congrats on your snow blessing:) Enjoy!

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