Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Blog, An Addition To Morning Ramble

This coming Sunday I am embarking on a life change, a major one. Some history to put things in perspective on the why of this new journey. My mother died of a heart attack at age 65, which is young, its only 10 years older than I am right now. My father had a heart attack in 1979 before is 58th birthday. That's a serious heart history. And Emery is not a lot better off history wise, his father was in his early 60's when he died of a heart attack and his mother had type 2 diabetes and the entire time I knew her, she had one health issue after another. Along with that Emery's brother died of a coronary aneurysm this past year at the age of 58. We all have choices in life. We can just keep on keeping on, no matter the end results or we can take charge of the things that can improve our health and live longer and stronger.
Steven is only 25 and has high blood pressure and his triglycerides are not good at all. His biological father is Emery's brother that passed away just a couple months ago at age 58. Steven realized he had to make changes or his life span may not be a long one.
I shared with Steven about a book I had which has been in my library for several months. The book appealed to me but making the changes it speaks of, just didn't happen in. I kept making excuses. I was busy, I was sick with a cold, I was always too "something" to start. Talking to Steven about it hit home for the first time, that my own family health history is not all that great. I want to live long and healthy.
The program is called CHIP, Coronary Health Improvement Project. Its a tried and true program and its not wacky and it has a food plan I am well acquainted with. Its not new or strange to me.
I know myself pretty well and know my faults, my shortcomings and how my zeal often fizzles out after a short time so to make this project work, I am going to be keeping a blog of my progress and I am going to be honest, share my struggles as well as my victories. Keeping the blog will keep me motivated too. I would like nothing more than to have anyone else who wishes to make life changes like this to reverse high blood pressure, get type 2 diabetes under control and to improve their coronary health.
My blood pressure is not high, but it is creeping up a bit. I certainly need to loose weight and I sure want to improve my eating so I have the best coronary health I can.
At this point I am doing this on my own, with the book The Optimal Diet CHIP cookbook and the information available on the CHIP website.
Tomorrow, Feb 26th will be the day our new journey begins and so it will also be the first day I write for this new blog.....30 Days To A New Life I am sure it is going to take longer than 30 days to change years of bad food habits but I suspect the first 30 days will be the most wonderful and the most difficult. Join me if you like, on this new adventure !


Renee said...

Wishing you all the best in this new endeavor!

marci said...

I will be peeking, as I have been desiring a familiar with the CHIP program, and find it ever so difficult to do diet changes by myself. Ahhh... there you are again... an encouragement to me. :)

Marianna said...

Best of wishes to you as you embark on this program. I pray for yours and Stevens success.

Thank you for the link...I see there is a group starting in my area soon. I will be checking it out. My husband has high cholesterol that is hereditary in nature meaning my children are at risk. Plus on the maternal side of my family high blood pressure is very prevelant with my grandfather suffering a massive coronary around his 60th birthday and my grandmother a stroke before her 60th birthday. Needless to say we can use the encouragment.

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