Saturday, February 06, 2010

Spring Is Just Around The Corner For Us

Emery and I have been talking about the spring planting. In just a week or so we will put potatoes, onions, garlic and perhaps some additional cabbage in the garden. Its hard to imagine that its planting time already. We have been blessed with broccoli, collards, and cabbage all winter, with the carrots and leeks growing but not ready to eat. Lettuce took a hit with the very cold temps we have had this winter, and the spinach didn't seem to produce much.
I went outside to look for signs of spring and found plenty to encourage me. Of course we could still see some snow fall or have an ice storm or two but we are most certainly over the hump of winter.
When I was out walking around, I also discovered a fresh track of the big cat, inside our fence line but not in the goats pasture area. I was not happy to see it at all, knowing that kidding is just a few weeks away, that creates more of a problem for us. Keeping the new born kids safe will take careful watch.
I am recovering from my bronchitis, but now Emery has it and has it bad. The little ones seem to be recovering quickly although I am sure Melanie and Casi may feel its been a very long haul for them, watching the little ones cough and have fevers. Steven, Priscilla and Elizabeth all had it too.
Anxious now for a day to open up the house and clear out all those germs !


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I hope Emery gets well very soon....I think you're very lucky to have spring so close! We're under a foot of snow today, and my dog couldn't make it out to the back yard because the snow on the deck was nearly neck high! He kept turning back to look at me with those, "What happened?" looks!

Julian said...

yes. spring in Texas city is coming too! We have had rain almost every day this week, and today was glorious, with the sun shining, and green shoots coming forth from the ground. I am so ready for spring! I know what you mean about the fresh air driving out the bad germs. Croup has been going around, and my little boy Ben got it. Finally better, and ready for outside playing!

Morning's Minion said...

Prayers will continue for wellness in your family.
We are headed to look for a mini-farm retirement property in KY after our house closing in two weeks. The thought of having a real garden again is sustaining me through the exhausting business of packing and moving one more time.

Brian said...


Hope the family gets better real soon. This is an SOS of sorts from North Yorkshire, England. I know you love to bake. I have an found an interesting recipe for an Amish Crazy Quilt Pie which I would like to try. The measurements for ingredients is given in cups (which is OK as I have a set of American measuring cups) but recipe calls for "a stick of butter". I have no idea how much butter this would be. Can anyone help, please? Love the blog. Read it every day.


Patty said...

Hi Carol, a stick of butter is 4 oz. or 1/2 cup. I think it comes to just under 115g

Brian said...

Hi Patty

That's a great help. Many thanks.


healinggreen said...

I've been reading your blog now for about a year -- and here are more of the photos that drew me in in the first place! Your pictures and words are always lovely and appreciated, but these spring shots of new growth are so so so wonderful for a New England girl to be looking at during to bitter cold of February :) It's snowing today -- again. Warm fire, sugar cookies filled with lemon balm jelly I made last summer, and children cozy on either side of me. Love to you and yours, maya

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