Thursday, February 25, 2010

Returning To A Spiritual SImplicity

Religion is confusing at times. Everyone believes that what they believe must be the truth, which is understandable, because why would you follow something you didn't believe in ? But it seems to be so many differences of opinions on how to worship that we just keep trying to turn it into entertainment.
Within Christianity there are approximately 38,000 Christian denominations...that's a lot. The number kind of floored me to be honest. The modern Christian church seems to be changing in ways that I can't seem to relate too. I met a friend in the store yesterday and she was telling me that the bishop was at their church recently, a woman, and prayed to mother God. I am old fashioned, plain and simple and prefer to keep it as Our Father in Heaven. Another friend recently told me about how their church has to have 3 services each Sunday so they can have sermons and music that appeals to each group within the church membership. Seems too complicated to me. Why not just worship God in a simple fashion, maybe more like when Jesus walked the earth. Seems like it worked then and there were not 38,000 different groups arguing over who has the "real" truth or pointing fingers at one another claiming the others have all missed the mark. I understand that within the Bible, you can just pretty much pick and choose which verse defines what you believe, but in all honesty folks, the words of Jesus are pretty simple and will give you all you need to live a good life, and find inner peace in this chaotic world.

So what if we all returned to a simple form of worship, where egos didn't need to perform and giving was done by putting a box by the door, free will, no demands. Where the ministers were content to live humbly and mirror what Christ said about building treasures on earth and riches rotting and rusting.

What if you didn't need instruments to lift your voice in praise and you could pray silently. What if you didn't have to read the fashion magazines to get an idea of what you should wear to church ? Wouldn't that make life more simple. What if our worship was like that great day on the hillside where the sermon on the mount was preached ? So simple. What if you didn't need 500 hundred books in your library to tell you that all God really wants is for you to worship Him and love one another ? That would be so stress free. What if we felt the joy in helping one another daily and found it more pleasurable then shopping for things we have no need of.

Why on earth have we made it all so complicated that we actually are in danger of missing the point entirely ? Why do we have to make man made rules to explain the simple rules God has laid down for us ? Why not keep it all so simple that we can have childlike faith and can have that love that is so tangible and real that we feel like God is our father ?

Do we really need all the extra stuff that keeps us from seeing the simple beauty of Gods love all around us ? I say, lets return to a simple walk with God that doesn't need anything beyond His word and a simple building to meet in and voices lift up in one accord to praise Him.


marci said...

well said.

Beth said...


I agree 100%.

Thank you so much for voicing so well what I have been trying to say for so long.

Cathy said...

Beautifully written. I've been thinking along these same lines for some time now. Thank you for voicing these thoughts--and for your wonderful Blog in general.

Morning's Minion said...

I'll add my "Amen" to the others!

Every single night before I go to sleep and every morning before I hop out of bed, the same prayer in on my lips.  Of course I pray for m...