Friday, December 07, 2012


Every few years I buy some new poster board and cut out new Tonttu as the older ones start to show their age.  Somehow I have a difficult time throwing the old ones away, so they end up in the windows at the back of the house.   I still remember well, the day the originals arrived in the mail from a friend in Finland ! 
This year Mei-Ling will wear the St Lucia crown that Melissa first wore about 25 years ago.  It too was in need of some repair after all these years.  The glue gun was a big help in restoring it.   Yen will be a Star Boy this year, so today, I made his little star hat and put together a star wand for him.  Family traditions are so important to us.   I am looking forward to making St Lucia buns with the little ones and even more anxious to see them arrive at the door, goodies on a tray, candles of the crown lighting the night, singing and making memories that last a life time.  This season of joy, is so full of wonder and delight.  The night of December 13th will be one of the highlights !

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Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I look forward to seeing pictures of your Santa Lucia celebrations. I agree, traditions are very important. They are important for everyone, but especially for the children because this is how the traditions become part of their being, by practicing them.

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