34 Years Ago

34 years ago tonight, on a night when rain turned to ice, I married the man of my dreams after just 10 weeks of dating.  We both knew right off that we were soul mates and have never doubted that once in all these years. !  

Roses with breakfast, dinner on the town, and a stroll under the magical Christmas lights of the local park, its been a perfect anniversary.


Happy Anniversary, Patty and Emery!
34 years ago we were living in So Lancaster, MA and my late mother-in-law was working at 'the San'--perhaps your paths crossed during that time.
Wishing you many healthy years ahead--together.
Patty said…
Emery and I were both working at the "San" at that time and I remember very well that we went to Campmeeting in So Lancaster in the summer of 79. How well I remember going to Market across the street from the college, forget the name now though.
Patty said…
what department did your mother in law work ? I think I knew 99% of the staff
aimee said…
Happy Anniversary to you both! May God continue to bless both you and your family in all the years to come!
Patty; My m-i-l [Evelyn Whitehurst] was an RN--I don't recall what floor she was on--she often worked ICU--she worked the 3-11 as I recall.
She was a pretty, white-haired woman.
That would have been Rowell's Market. We lived in So. Lancaster 77-80. I enjoyed being close enough to walk to camp meeting without needing to stay in the camp grounds.

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