Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oranges and Cloves

I cannot remember a single Christmas in my life when there were not oranges with cloves stuck in them, somewhere in the house.  When I was a child, my mother and grandmother would make several of them and stick them in an old wooden dough bowl that sat on the radiator in the front hallway.  As soon as you walked through the front door, the wonderful spicy citrus scent greeted you.   Now, I keep a bowl of them near the wood stove.  The sore fingers that come from poking all those cloves into the orange rind is well worth it.  I like to cover the entire orange for maximum fragrance.  I usually buy the cloves in bulk which makes it a bit more economical.


Lynn Dykstra said...

I love these and have made them since childhood too.
I learned something new when my children were in school--the teacher had them make pilot holes for the cloves with a golf tee.
Saves the sore fingers!

Anonymous said...

I have never tried this...but it looks as if it would be deliciously aromatic :0) m.b.

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