Monday, March 30, 2009

A Bit of a Brag : )

this is on the UWO website's graduation list Melissa E.
Spring 2009 Bachelor of Science in Nursing
*** Summa Cum Laude College of Nursing

Naturally I think this is because she had such a great teacher those first 12 years of school (large giggle since we homeschooled) Honestly, she is brilliant and a disciplined.
All three of our children are all high achievers and we sure are proud of them.
We have a Scholar, a Systems Administrator/Computer nerd, and a Business man. Not to mention, that they are all good people. Life is good

Monday Morning Blessings

Its time for a Monday Morning Blessing post.
I woke this morning so excited about life, about my life, about how grateful I am to have a positive outlook on life. I see the cup half full and see the blessing in each and every delay that takes place and try hard to live in Romans 8: 28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. How can I complain about something when I know God is working out the details for me ? He is tending to my needs before I even know they are needs.

I honestly can believe what it says in James 1, that we are to "count it all joy", not just some of it, ALL of it, every day, the hard things and the sad things. Even the difficulties work their good in some way, even though we may not even understand it ever in our lifetime.
I am grateful for a Heavenly Father that has only the best in mind for me.
I feel blessed that His love is not short-handed.
I feel blessed that God knows my heart, knows my searchings, and still loves me.
I feel blessed that my husband is a kind God fearing man, with no temper at all.
I am blessed to have children that have tender hearts and desire to be good people.
I feel blessed that I remember where I have been in life, and understand the journey.
I feel blessed that the little things in life don't upset my apple cart
I am thankful for.....
Luna Moths that appear for me to enjoy and Cedar waxwings that visit on the day I am home.
for goats milk and the health benefits of it.
for grandbabies that fill my heart with such a wonderful kind of love
for spring flowers
for joy that flows deep like a river
for a song in my heart
for health
for love all around me and no loneliness
for peace of mind
for feeling content
for having all I need in life.

Its A Great Day

Tonight we will be picking James and Melissa up at the airport ! We can't wait to see them. Melissa has been working so hard on her schooling and is almost done. She will be an RN in just a few short weeks. Such an intensive program to get your BSN in one years time, despite already having a degree in another field of study. And a bit of a brag here, she is graduating with honors. This little short trip to Texas will be a good break from the long hours of study and work at the hospital.
We have a full week of Mexican food lined up for the two of them. Good Mexican food is not easy to find in Vermont !
Looking forward to a wonderful week with all my children together with us.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Worn Out Luna Moth

On our back porch just a few moments ago, there sat a very worn out Luna moth, wings showing ware and it was growing too cold for this beautiful moth to get very far. I carefully moved it into the sun and finally onto a branch of the Italian pine tree, hoping it might rest safely in the late afternoon sun and be able to continue on its journey tomorrow.
What a beautiful creature and I feel so blessed to have seen it and been able to snap some photos of it.
I can only remember seeing a Luna Moth one other time in my life.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Earth Hour 2009

Lights were out for Earth Hour at our house and we hardly noticed. The beeswax candles did a great job of chasing away the darkness. At first I had the kerosene lamps burning then I thought, that seems a bit wrong since kerosene is a fossil fuel so we blew them out and stuck with the candles. I meant to take a photo of the cupcakes but forgot and by the time the hour was over, they were all devoured !
We made our little statement regarding how we feel about global warming and using up the earths resources. A small thing perhaps, but not when you multiply it by the thousands and thousands who participated.

Earth Hour 2009 Candle TVC

we will be singing this tonight !

Is it Winter Again ?

We went to bed without building a fire, so the house was a little chilly, maybe 68 F. We piled on the quilts and climbed under the covers. Sleeping like logs until a gust of wind came roaring by like a monster. The neighbors shop has a metal roof and it was banging. We had actually slept late. It was 7:30, well past my usual milking time. It took all we had to get out of the warm bed and face the cold house. 58 degrees doesn't sound too bad but it is, especially after having summer like weather for weeks now. Emery got right up and started building a roaring fire. I lingered under the covers a moment, planning just how to get out of bed and dressed in the quickest fashion. I was most happy to see that my thick wool knee socks were sitting on top of my dresser, that meant warm feet stayed warm.
I almost packed away the winter coats this week. Thinking we would not need them again for many many months. We have gotten lazy and leave them on the bed in the guest room instead of hanging them on the hook and I have been anxious to have them put away. We only have three tiny tiny closets in this house. They are all about 2'x4'. One in each bedroom. So no place to keep our coats handy, but on the plus side of this storage shortage, one doesn't keep more clothes than one needs. The word "want" doesn't even come into the picture. Simplicity works for us in so many ways. Our chosen path for decades and we smile now that for the first time, we seem a bit fashionable for living this way. The kettle on the wood stove is hissing at me, time to pour myself a cup of tea and have some toast with it. Life is good and I feel very blessed, just as if God has bent down, and kissed my head with all the tenderness of any loving father.
1 John 3:1
How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!
milk bucket hanging on the hook in the milk barn
momma cat with her kittens all snug in the hay
Faith playing peek-a-boo with me
The gray wintry clouds
Whatever we found to cover the tender plants, we used and it worked.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Its hard to imagine but the wind chill right now is 27 with an actual temp of 37 and still dropping. They are saying we could see a few snow flakes. Guess tomorrow morning will be a cold one. We have all the tender vegetation covered in the garden. Guess the rule about once the mesquite blooms we are safe from a frost may not be a fool proof thing. Good night for climbing under the quilts and calling it an early night. Its 68 in the living room and somehow it just feels cold !

Is Winter Back Again ?

The cold north wind is howling and the temperature is dropping rapidly. We might even have a freeze tonight. I will spend the afternoon covering some of the plants in the garden, the tender ones. Winter is grasping at spring, wanting one more chance to show her stuff. The tress are bending and swaying in the constant wind of the afternoon. The screens are rattling in the window frames and there is that lonely, howling sound that reminds me of a blizzard. The animals have all taken shelter, hiding in the safety of the barn. Harry is just feeling lazy, curled up on the rug by the wood stove.
I made a pot of coffee, it feels right to have a warm drink today and I pulled on my thick wool socks, glad for the extra warmth against the cold wooden floors. I'm glad I don't have to go anyplace today or tonight. Just stay in, cozy and settled in. Content. Happy to be home.
The wind chimes are sounding almost frantic, banging, clanging, forgetting that they should be making music. Our anemometer is going wild, going so fast at times it appears to blur into one solid mass. The wisteria blooms lay on the ground like lavender snowflakes, tiny thin piles of what once was delicate hanging blossoms. I hear the metal farm gate banging against the fence post. The wind gusting to over 30 mph. Good time to sit down in the rocker, by the stove and read a bit, or watch the clouds zip across the sky, or maybe doze off a bit and dream sweet dreams. Life is good, it really is.
The hill sides are alive with spring flowers despite todays chilly temps

Earth Hour 2009!

Don't forget, Earth Hour 2009 is tomorrow night !


Mei-Ling was not speaking English with me here in this little conversation in the barn, except for a couple of words.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Wonder of Life

Watching the wonder in a child's eye as they see new kittens, little goats, and discover the joy of just throwing hay in the air. Every child should grow up on a farm or have Grandparents that do : )
Mei-Ling had such fun playing in the milk house today, seeing life all around her and as soon as she came in the house, she went to the refrigerator and said, " goat milk" and sat down for a nice cold glass of milk with Grammie.

And More Came.....

It looked a bit like the invasion of Cedar Waxwings

Harry is Enjoying a Lazy Day Inside

Lets just say, Harry doesn't have a very busy agenda today.

The Cedar Waxwings Arrived Today

Every year I look forward to the Cedar Waxwings stopping by to strip the berries off our juniper tree. I marvel at their colors, the mask on their faces and the way they eat so fast. Today was the day for them to stop by on their way north. A blessing to be sure to watch them.
I had to snap the pictures through the window.

A Morning to Remember

There was feed in the back of the station wagon from yesterday, so Emery was early at the task of taking it to the barns for me. I put on last nights chore clothes that had a multitude of tiny hoof prints over them from muddy kid feet jumping all over me. I grabbed the closest mud boots which happened to be Emery's, they work for short periods of time as long as I have thick wool socks on, which I did, but still they resemble clown shoes on me. None of this mattered since I was just heading to the barn to do chores. I hadn't even combed my hair, but the goats sure don't seem to care about that. I stood at the gate to the milk house, leaning on the gate, looking out over the pasture, spying tiny droplets of rain hanging on the trees like fine crystals, catching the vibrant green of the new leaves. The woods to the south, shrouded in thick fog. The dark wet bark of the trees standing out against the misted world. You could imagine so many stories taking place in such an enchanted looking woods. I watched the world around me for the longest time, thinking, how perfect the morning.
Milking chores done, I headed back to the house, milk bucket lightly swinging beside me, my big clod hopper boots making a trail in the soft wet grass. I didn't have a care in the world, well that is until I went to open the back door. Had the wetness swelled it tight ? I pushed on it, kicked the bottom a bit....nothing, wouldn't budge. It was locked ! I think I sighed a bit of frustration at Emery for locking it by accident, but headed around to the front, messing with the chain on the gate that is complicated at best, but I had a milk bucket in one hand so it was a tad bit more complicated. Oh no ! He had locked the front door too ! Emery is usually not out back in the morning but taking the feed out to the barns must have made him feel rushed. Usually I have my cell phone in my pocket, but no, not this morning so I couldn't even call him. I checked all the windows to see if one happened to be unlocked. They were all locked. I had nothing left to do but to walk down our road to Melanie's house, looking a bit like Mr. Moulterd from the British Comedy, "Are You Being Served ? Again". Muddy pants, muddy hooded sweatshirt on, huge black mud boots on my feet, hair sticking out everywhere, (picture bed head) . I was sure the police would drive up and ask me where I was heading. This is a small town and everyone knows everyone, but I was not recognizable. It was just 8 am, so there were lots of cars on the road much to my embarrassment. I knocked on Melanie's door and she just out and out laughed.
They keep a key to our house, but Casi had it and he was at work. By this time I told Melanie to call her father, and tell him he locked me out. She called but handed me the phone. She wasn't going to tell him, I had to. I was ticked off, not angry but a bit past annoyed. He was going to be right home and he was profusely apologetic on the phone. Melanie said for me to wait at her house and dad could pick me up on his way by. He works about 3 miles from home. She said, in a very sweet tone, " mom, you don't want to walk home do you?" I said I needed to, needed time to get un- ticked off. So I marched down the road, well aware of how I appeared to those driving by. I was so happy none of our neighbors were outside. By the time I had walked past the 6 houses that separate Melanie's house and our house, I was fine. Thinking it could have happened the other way around. Mistakes get made. I stood at the front door waiting for Emery and saw him come around the corner, he looked rather sheepish. He smiled, and so did I. He apologized at least 5 times and I just said, "awww its ok". He unlocked the door, gave me a kiss and I went straight to the back door, just to see if he had really locked it, and he had. I got the milk pail off the hook outside the barn door, filled the baby goats bottles with it, it had been out a while now so didn't bother saving any for us. Did the rest of my chores and thought, what a small thing this all was in the great scheme of life. We will laugh about it tonight and remember it for years to come and maybe I will hide a key someplace !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a Cutie

Grammie was having fun tonight playing with Elizabeth. I feel so blessed to have both the babies living close.
Elizabeth enjoyed seeing the new kittens and looking at the goats, so much so that she didn't want to come back inside.
Naturally the camera was in my hands snapping pictures of a precious time together.
The cradle is always a favorite place to snuggle into as long as they only have to pretend to go to sleep .

Storms on the Way

We can use the rain, but not wanting any bad storms to come with it. These clouds look full of rain to me and some mighty winds up there blowing them around.
Mammatus Clouds

Critter Shots

Charity sort of has that Flying Nun look going on with those ears of hers and she hasn't figured out yet that chain is not for eating.
Harry just looks on with curiosity, wondering what these silly goats are doing.


Just so sweet, seeing Aya taking care of her new babies

Something New In The Milk Barn

Went out to the milk barn this morning and curled up in the hay, in a tidy little nest was our cat Aya with 4 new kittens. What a precious sight it was. Aya was more than happy for some nice warm goat milk. Anxious for the little grandblessings to see these new tiny kittens.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where there is a will, there is a way

Simply put, I love milking the goats and am not too happy about any limitations. Emery is more than willing to milk for me in the evenings when he is home but its difficult in the morning. I came up with a solution that I think will allow me the pleasure of milking the goats twice a day.
Splints on, gloves over them. Sounds reasonable to me and it worked !

I feel in love

Emery showed me one of the cabins that he has on the lot for sale. I fell in love with it. He was a good salesman and showed me just what I would love to have : ) He kinda knows what I would like anyway.
It has the one main area, two bedrooms. a nice size loft and a laundry room . I can just imagine this cabin on a quiet piece of land. There are lots of pretty cabins for sale but this is my favorite.

Much To Catch Up....

In mid January, we saw the passing of my father and after nearly two years of caring for him, it was so hard to see him leave u...