Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Wonder of Open Windows And Quilt Plans

Having the windows open may not seem like a big deal, but they are to me right now. The cold front came through yesterday, leaving us with a high of only 90 today and a morning that is a very nice 70 degrees. The first thing I did this morning was open every window in our house, just to let in fresh air after having the house closed up all summer long. The first thing I noticed having the windows open was the deeper silence of the day, no air conditioners running ! And then the birds began to sing, and the breeze blowing through the juniper and pine trees creating this marvelous brushing sound, which reminded me of when jazz players play the cymbal with drum brushes. That easy sort of sound that just makes you want to sigh a good kind of sigh.
I suspect this wanting to just take a deep breathe and sigh comes from being assured by the change in weather patterns, that Autumn will really arrive and that summer is not endless after all.
Yesterday as the clouds and cooler air rolled in I headed off to the store to purchase some fabric for a postage stamp quilt for my bed. I just love the look of all those tiny squares and I have so many pieces of fabric in my stash that will work perfect for this, but I needed a few more pieces. Well, in truth, I WANTED a few more pieces of fabric !
I am going for that old fashioned sort of look but with a little surprise here and there. While at the store there was a sale on holiday fabric so I picked up a couple pieces to make aprons for my daughters. Holiday baking is just more fun with a pretty apron on. I suspect there will be enough fabric left over for a couple little girl aprons too.
There were pumpkins on sale too and yes, I was weak and got one, a sign of hope for me that there will be days when sweaters are needed and when I will be carrying arm loads of wood from the wood shed to the house. This old Yankee gal has a hard time with the heat of the summer. My blood has never adjusted to triple digit temperatures.
Its time for me to head out and feed the chickens and lean on the fence a bit to see how my garden grows and gaze up at the sky and watch the clouds drift by. Life is goo, so good in fact that I am planning a give-away the first week of September. Stay tuned for more info.


QuiltingFitzy said...

I at outside a bit with my morning coffee. Happy to be below 80 at 5am. Can't wait until I can open up the house.

Margo in Maine said...

Oh the rain how refreshing in Maine today...much needed...been a very dry hot summer....but gorgeous hay weather...last year was rainy....I know what you mean when you can open the windows and let the breeze come in and the silence of nature with just the birds etc...awesome!!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

It seems so sad to be happy that summer is on the way out, but I am greatly enjoying the cooler weather too....And thinking about quilty things, but more the baby size since my daughter Alice will be having her second child in early October.

nancyr said...

I, too, am looking forward to autumn.
The Canada Geese have been flying overhead for well over a week. Can fall be far away?
Your little granddaughter's will love having aprons made by you. I have an apron, hanging in my kitchen, that was made by my grandmother, for my daughter when she was about three. My daughter now has school age children! Aprons, made by a loving family member are so very special!

Morning's Minion said...

I haven't checked in with your blog for a few days--wallowing in tomatoes to be canned.
As the family room in the basement nears completion I, too, am thinking quilts. I'll be able to unpack my fabric stash, set up a sewing machine. I hope to finish the blocks for two quilts that had to be packed away in January when the Wyoming house was sold.

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