Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dreaming of Winter and Simplicity of the Heart

When I lived in New England, come February, all we could think about was the coming of springtime and warmer weather and for the then dirty crusted snow lining the roads to be gone. To see flowers and buds on the trees once again, but here in this relentless heat of August in North Texas, I find myself dreaming of snowy days, where I find delight in wrapping my shawl tight around my shoulders as I dart outside to get another arm load of wood for the stove. I have been dreaming of wool socks and the need for long underwear under my skirts. Anxious once again to feel joy in heating up the kitchen with baking, rather than standing by the stove with sweat dripping from my brow.
Today will no doubt be our 18th day in a row of temps at or above 100 degrees. The grass is so dry its crispy sounding under my feet as I go about doing my chores outside and the birds are at the feeders seeking food every morning and afternoon. One poor Cardinal was so confused in the heat that he flew at the window three mornings in a row. I usually don't feed the birds in the summer months but this year I will make an exception and also put out an additional tray of water for them.
This morning as I sit looking out the window, noticing the stillness of the trees, it makes me think about taking time to be still, to listen, to know that small still voice that is there with us to guide and direct us if we are still long enough to hear it. The beauty of the simple life is not that your bills are less or that you don't feel so obligated to keep up with the latest fad, its that you stop to take time to notice the beauty of Gods creation and that you spend more time firming up your relationships with your children, your spouse than you do on designing a new living space in your home or spending countless hours fretting over what to eat. Simplicity of the best kind is of the spiritual nature and then all other things fall into place. There is no real simplicity to your life until your relationships are what they should be, and preaching to the crowd has little bearing when your own family is not in order. Simplicity of heart is what its all about !

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Morning's Minion said...

The heat and humidity in KY have been exhausting. As I've canned and made preserves I've had the A/C running and still been unpleasantly sweaty.
I think about the generations who went before us--with all of the work to do for homes and farms and none of the things we take for granted to make it easier.
Somehow, where ever we have lived, July is the month that disenchants me about summer.
Today has been "only" about 85 degrees--that's 10 degrees cooler than the past month or more.
I hope that autumn will be a long and lovely season here.

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