Monday, August 30, 2010

"Winter Memory"

Winter Memory

The muffled echo of the roosters crow
just before the sun rose o'er the hill,
A snapping beam, a sudden thud of snow,
And morning crept across the needled chill
Of wintry night; from valley chimneys rose
White plumes of smoke, inside bright fires glowed
Through open draughts, while from the kettles nose
A billowing singing steam cloud flowed.
The iron griddle soon browned bubbling cakes
The red checkered cloth upon the table spread
Sill in my heart an old-time song awakes,
And pictures from a time long since fled.
The old black stove and its rosy embers,
Sweet woodsmoke, a plant upon the sill,
The cozy warmth and peace my heart remembers,
The old clock's steady tick, the lovely thrill
A rainbow lights through icicles reflected,
And warm new milk within an earthen mug. . .
No farther than these walls my thoughts deflected,
Contented as the curled cat on the rug.

~Ruth B. Field~

By the end of summer here in the heat of North Texas, I start dreaming about winter. Of the smell of wood stove smoke, and soup simmering all day long on the wood stove. I think about the cold air of morning when the stove is cold after a long nights sleep. Of the joyful moments spent sitting at my spinning wheel, wool all around me. I dream of needing a sweater and having my feet toasty warm in thick wool socks. This morning as I was reading through a book of poems I came across this little poem about winter memories and oh how it touched my heart. It spoke exactly of what my winter morning are so often like. I have no desire to rush time but I sure wouldn't mind if summer decided it was time to leave this part of the country and head south.


Jan said...

Don't come north! Here in northeastern Maine it hit 92 yesterday and is heading there today through Thursday. Even the nights are in the high 6os.

Lib said...

We're having the same dream!
Its miserable here.Altho we are getting some cool a.m. & p.m, so Thankful for that!
Have agreat wk.

Morning's Minion said...

That poem says "New England winters" to me---but those of us who grew up with wood stoves and the creaks and snaps of an old house responding to the frosty weather probably read our own memories into the words.
I wonder what winter in Kentucky will be like?
I was told today that February is a good time to plant trees and perennials--that will be a new experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm wanting it to get a bit cooler myself. Not necessarily the winter that we've had the last few years, though. I'm a Southern Belle, not a Snow Bunny! LoL... It will be here soon enough, I suspect.

Grace & Peace

Patty said...

As I was reading the poem Morning Minion, I was thinking about how much it describes my winter days here in Texas. Our old house creaks and snaps even in summer ! We plant our trees and perennials in Feb here too

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