Friday, August 27, 2010

"Good Neighbors"

Good Neighbors
~Georgia B Adams~

Just yesterday my neighbor baked
Some juicy cherry pies;
On the window ledge they set to cool. . .
A little later on I heard
A knock on my screen door.
She stood there with a pie in hand !
I guessed whom it was for.
She is a friendly neighbor and
We chat across the fence;
The price of corn, a brewing storm,
We share a homey friendship and
She knows she's welcome here.
Good neighbors are a boon to man,
They bring wealth and cheer.
I read this poem yesterday and it made me a little sad...I remember so well my mother chatting with our neighbors at the fence. Both had clotheslines near the fence so they could chat and be busy at the same time. Monday was always laundry day for both. They would share new recipes, visit for a cup of coffee from time to time. What made me sad was thinking that I don't have neighbors that would chat across the fence or stop in for coffee. They are too busy, too stressed out.
I miss the days gone by when neighbors shared what they baked or hung laundry on the same day.
Guess I am just an old fashioned gal living in a modern world, wishing for some of that old fashioned friendliness of old.
baked fresh blueberry pies
chocolate chip cookies and
then watched the hens scratch for their feed by the barn


Becky said...

It really is sad,

Anonymous said...

Oh Patty, I wish I lived closer. I, too, miss those days of neighborly chats and even running next door to borrow a cup of sugar. People just don't know what they are missing. I don't have a single neighbor that will even wave when they pass by much less take time to stop and have a cup of coffee. Even my 80 something neighbor lady is always running here and there. Makes me sad to think those days are gone.

Karen said...

Patty, I also wished you live near! I would love a neighbor to chat with and share coffee with and what God is doing in our lives and to pray together for our families. PA is a long way from Texas!

window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! said...

I would love to have a neighbor to chat with, share recipes and laughter and such. Sadly we do live in the modern age of fast paced living....well for my neighbors that is.
Visiting your blog is kind of like my fence visiting least for me : )

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