Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"Sunshine Came Softly Through My Window Today"

I couldn't help but sing that line from Donovan's, Sunshine Superman this morning as I worked in the kitchen next to the two new windows that Emery put in this past weekend.
Its strange in a way to have a window where there never was one. It opens up a whole new world to be able to look out on a tree that I have never gazed at, or watch cars go down a street that I have never looked at through a window.
I found myself wanting to find a chair and just sit and watch how the birds fly about this part of my yard and watch the tiny yellow leaves fall from a tree that stands by the window. Leaves falling at this time of the year amaze me. It must be that the old mulberry tree is getting old and cannot support them throughout the hot summer sun. These bright yellow bits fall like bits of creation dipped in the yellow of the sun, natures confetti.
I moved my coffee pot to the counter top under these windows so I could stand there longer, watching the world unfold before my eyes in a new way.
Makes me wonder what else I am missing in the spots where there are no windows. It always makes me feel a bit sad when I enter someones house and the drapes are pulled shut. What a loss, to miss out on the wonders of nature . If I lived where no cars passed by my house at night and no neighbors could see in the house, I would not have a curtain or blind on any window. I would watch the stars at night and lay in bed watching the clouds pass over the bright moon each and every night before sleep came upon me. Like a child, I put hundreds, literally, glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling in my bedroom. Emery and I lay in bed after the lights have been turned out, making out the carefully planned constellations and count the bigger stars. Silly, perhaps, but its good to be childlike in some ways. To delight in the simple and be amused by glow in the dark stars no matter how old you are.
Life is good. Better yet with a steaming hot cup of coffee enjoyed in the sunshine coming in from my new windows.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Getting a new window is like getting a whole new world! One that will change every day.

I've been without internet access for a time, and am enjoying checking the blogs I usually read again.

Morning's Minion said...

One of the [slight] drawbacks to this little cottage we have bought is the lack of large windows.
Living in WY in houses which J. designed and built, windows were an important feature--big windows and French doors to look out on the distant mountain scenery.
This house has small windows with interior shutters, and oddly, no windows to the south.
As we endure this August heat, we start to think that perhaps the previous owners knew something we are just learning: that large windows let in too much sun and heat during the summer.
I do love the kitchen sink window and the sliding glass door in the dining area; both look out on the trees where the birds are in constant movement.

Deanna said...

Beautiful! I can't stand dark, closed up rooms either. Enjoy your new windows. :)

Margo in Maine said...

Always love checking into your post...you always have interesting entries...thanks for the reminder of taking time to enjoy His sunshine...it is shining in Maine and 78 degrees...a little cooler than it has been...very very hot this year...I am thankful also for the sunshine of His Love to us....Blessings

Linda said...

The curtains are closed tight on most of our windows because of the heat. I feel very shut in during the summer. However there are only valences on the windows to the east which get the morning sun. I can sit and watch "my" birds at the feeders--darling little nuthatches and chickadees, the beautiful cardinals and goldfinches, the big-eyed titmice with their "hairdos," the quiet little house finches and sparrows, and the noisy, joyful wren with his tail in the air.

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