Friday, August 27, 2010

The Prayers of Many

Such good news, Mei-Lings vesicostomy was back to normal the day after asking for prayer for her, which meant she didn't have to see the doctor. Swelling was down and all was well. Must have been irritated when they were doing a procedure when she was in the Emergency Room a couple days before. Any Doctor visit that can be avoided for her is a HUGE blessing. Thank you all who prayed, as our prayers were answered.
This little one has such compassion for others, I suspect in part to all that she has had to endure. The other night she was over for a bit and since Emery was very tired he went to bed while she was still here. After he was in bed for a bit, he coughed and Mei-Ling went to the bedroom doorway and said, "bless you Papa", he was asleep and didn't answer and in a concerned little voice she asked, "Papa, papa, are you alright ? " Such empathy from a 3 year old !
This morning my cold is much better, thank you all for your well wishes. It seems to be just a little cough now and nothing more. My energy is back to full swing so there are cookies in the oven...Melanie and the grandchildren are coming over in a bit, Melanie has some sewing to do, and pie crust to be rolled out for a fresh blueberry pie. The strips are cut for my quilt but now I feel there needs to be a few more colors, which means a trip to the fabric store....better wait till Sunday and take Emery with me, he can help me be strong and not buy more than I need ! I am a bit of a fabric-aholic.
A load of gravel was delivered this morning, enlarging our driveway a bit so more parking for when the children are all here. Emery will be hard at work, leveling it after work tonight. Such a hard working man. I am blessed.
All these little bits of news today but soon we hope to share big news, as Steven and Priscilla are getting close to having their second daughter born. Less than two weeks now I believe. It will be so much fun to have another baby in the family. Little Yen is growing so fast, and crawling now. Amazing how fast the little ones grow. He is all smiles all the time. He is such a happy little one and so enjoys his toys.
My life is full, full of the things that gladden the heart and cause me to whisper prayers of gratitude throughout the day. Its not the things I own that fill me, but the love that surrounds me. It is the simplicity of each moment, the contentment that fills my heart with each and every breath.
Life is good, it really is.

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Carole said...

Such a heartwarming post to read ! I am so happy for Mei Ling that she didn't have to go to the doctor...
and I can't wait to hear about Steven and Priscilla's new baby ! And it's true that Yen's pictures are always of him smiling. You are indeed blessed. I hope I will be too, like you, when I am a grandma.

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