Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cost of Living, our budget

Every once in a while I share with my readers what our budget is since I get a few emails each week asking about it. I have no problem with sharing what we spend a month.
In summer we run two window unit air conditioners so our electric bill is high in summer but other than that, things stay pretty consistent for us.

Monthly budget

property taxes
all properties $200
gas $15
electric $175 in summer $60 in winter
phones, tv and
computer $220
car insurance $120
gas for autos $120
clothing $25
medical $100
food $500
entertainment $100
water $90
wood for heat $60 this has doubled since last year when our old supplier retired.
upkeep for cars $50
total of $1775.00

as you can see we could cut out the cell phone and cable tv and save a lot but we have no need to cut our budget any at this time.
So we could easily live on Emery social security when the time comes and do just fine.


nancyr said...

I think that is great. Too many people don't plan ahead for retirement, and find out that they are in trouble when that time arrives. They never learned how to budget, or know how much they need to plan on for a basic way of life.

I think that more people are forced to take a look at their cost of living, in this economy, and make better choices.

Reading books about the "Great Depression" has been eye-opening to me. Those people knew how to live on next to nothing, grow their own food, preserve foods, stretch a dollar and still love life. In comparison, we have little to complain about.

Janette said...

Our budget is close to yours.
Your cable is more (gosh- I thought ours was bad- our daughter pays half---but I wouldn't live in her town!)
Our property taxes are OUTRAGEOUS...considering we pave our own road and live way outside of our little town. The price of buying before really checking. Aggg!
Our budget buster- travel. Since the kids live so far away it is worth it.
Thanks for sharing!

Patty said...

Janette, we just have basic cable but I just lumped it into our cell phone, land line and internet access. So that amount is for all those things.
Our property tax is reasonable for our house, but we have rental properties too. Fortunatly our gas well money more than covers all the taxes and insurances with plenty to spare

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