Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time Flies

For some reason this week is just flying by and I am having very little time on the computer. I am praying for a quiet day tomorrow so I can catch up with blogging.
Lots of good things happening and lots of things to keep me busy.

Last night I wanted to surprise Emery with a special meal as a thank-you to him...he surprised me with a gorgeous Prada handbag yesterday, its the softest leather shoulder bag I have ever seen.
I am all girl and even though we live simply, I would never turn down a gift like that. So wildly extravagant and certainly a gift that makes me feel a bit spoiled !
Here are a few pictures from our meal and hopefully tomorrow I can catch everyone up with the happenings around our little farm.
Chicken L'orange with sauteed asparagus, not sure why the chicken looks dark in the photo, it wasn't in person !
for dessert, pistachio gelato
served with Champagne of course.


Mary said...

Your meal looks delicious!
How do you keep your dining room table so clean and shiny???????

Patty said...

Thank you Mary. We bought our dinning room set way back in 1988 and I just keep it covered most of the time with a table cloth and polish it every once in a while with a spray polish. I sew on this table too, but use a cutting board under my machine.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

This meal looks so beautiful....And pistachio was always a favorite with my family, wherever we were. Lovely. And what a wonderful surprise gift from Emery. I think he knows what you will enjoy!

Carole said...

Your table looks wonderful and so fancy ! I would have loved to taste the asparagus. Thumbs up to your wonderful, thoughtful husband.

Anonymous said...

Patty, the table setting is lovely. The simplicity of your design really highlights the solid beauty of the table and dinnerware. And surely the meal was scrumptious :-)

Real food, real romance . . . and a special gift chosen just for you from your beloved. Who needs more than that? Life is indeed very, very good.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Iowa Gal said...

We want a picture of your hand bag. So the rest of us , who love them, can drool!!

Julian said...

what a guy! How sweet! I too have one like that!
We are so blessed!

kykathy said...

What a lucky girl you are! I love the white dishes, makes the food the star of the show!
You & Emery are blessed to have each other, I'm glad you both recognize that, and make each other feel special.

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