Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its Winter, No Matter What The Calendar Says

No matter what the calendar says, winter is here. We woke to heavy rain and high winds and by the feel of the floor against my bare feet, much colder temperatures. A strong cold front blew in during the early morning hours, with wind so strong that for the first time ever, rain was forced down the chimney and made its way down the stove pipe. At first we though the ceiling around the stove must be leaking, but thankfully no, just rain forced down the pipe and dripping from the stove pipe. Once we had a fire built, there was a bit of a spit and sputtering but the little bit of moisture soon was heated away.
I have spend the better part of the morning covering the plants we put in last weekend. All sorts of plastic containers and plastic sheeting cover the long rows. Its a bit comical looking out there with all the colors and shapes of containers. But, at this point, aesthetics don't count, saving the plants is what matters. So glad I filled all the bird feeders yesterday so the little singers could eat all the food they needed to keep their bodies warm on this wintry day.
The goats and chickens had no interest in stepping out of their warm and cozy homes, for which I don't blame them one bit.
The wind chills are in the 20's today which after a few days of being near 70 degrees, feels mighty cold. There is a chance that our rain will turn to snow later this afternoon into evening with perhaps accumulations of up to 1 inch. What a snowy year this has been for us !
The stove feels so good and I am very happy Emery convinced me to leave at least one pair of wool socks out of the box of winter things that made their way to the attic.
This day calls for some hot chocolate and a good book !

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Echoes From the Hill said...

We spent Friday night, in our RV, in Amarillo, and the weather was bad!
It sleeted and snowed all night, and was in the twenties. Our furnace went out and the water line froze. We had been in Texas for about a week, but in the Hill Country, where the weather was beautiful most of the time. It has been a strange year for weather!

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