Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Beauty

I used to think winter was my favorite season, but this year, it seems Spring is the most glorious time of the year to me. The air smells so fresh and good. The sunshine so warm and tonic like. The March winds seem to make all of nature dance together perfectly. The skies are so blue and the grass, such deep vibrant green. And the best is yet to come...wildflowers will be appearing all over North Texas in the next few weeks. Some are popping up already. We saw our first indian paintbrush yesterday and the wet cold winter has produced a profusion of grape Hyacinth all over peoples front lawns and the roadsides.
Our garden is doing well, the tender vegetation made it through the cold spell with no harm done and in the warm days since, has grown at a rate almost as noticeable as in time lapse photography. We have been eating collard greens and cabbage as its come to the end of its season for us. Planted in September, it kept us well over the winter months.
Baby goats are due any day now. Licorice looks as if she swallowed a barrel. She groans when she lays down and it takes her longer to get up. Any woman that has had a child can sympathize with her. Faith is not so big, perhaps just one kid for her. But both goats have big full udders already. One of the stray kittens that we have been trying to catch, without success, looks rather fat too. We had hoped to get everyone fixed that wanders into our barn, but this one is a sly cat and is faster than we are. I suspect there will be kittens soon.
I am looking forward to fresh goat milk and goat cheese once again. And in spring, there are always flowers to be picked and placed around the house. The wisteria is about to bloom and there are rose buds on many of my rose bushes. This time of year is full of delight for all the senses and I like that.
grape Hyacinth on our front lawn


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I love tall sorts of grape hyacinths. The Hungarian name means keys to the kingdom of Heaven.

Patricia said...

Oh, your spring sounds lovely. You always paint such beautiful pictures with words...
Thank you for blessing me today.

Janette said...

You are several weeks ahead of central Kansas. The grass is just now peeping through. Planting- maybe next weekend!

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