Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Being True To Yourself

We often hear the phrase, "be true to yourself" but do we ever sit and consider what that really means ? Being true to yourself is more than just "being yourself" its more about not sweeping the truths we hold dearly under the carpet for a few minutes, for a couple days, for a month or so or for years. Its about not lying to ourselves for whatever reason. Its about doing what we know in our hearts to be right, true etc without regard to what others might think, or about trying to win friends by our actions, our lifestyle, what we own, what we don't own. Its a hard place to stand at times, since we are constantly bombarded by the television and other media forms telling us we are less than, if we don't have this attitude or own this or that. The only problem to these ads is that they never give you more than a glossy picture, they leave out the part that being happy is an internal thing, a heart matter, and yes, being true to yourself, to the truth you hold in your heart. No matter how many things we acquire, they are surface items, decorations with no power to make us better people. Some items can make our life easier, but that's not always in our best interest either. People suffered less diabetes, obesity and heart problems when we sat less, worked harder.
I think that for myself, adding more trappings to my life makes it harder to even remember how to be myself, to be true to myself, the truths I hold dear. Hard to see the forest for the trees sort of thing.
Every once in a while I listen to the rhetoric out there, get caught up in the notions others seem to want to ram down our throats about what success looks like and I find myself wandering off the trail that God has so graciously laid out before me and pretty soon I feel myself wandering down some pretty lane that has no meaning for me personally. I am very human.
I like our simple living, our small house, our land that looks more functional than beautiful. I like my quiet morning rambles around the place, finding beauty in the things God made.
Being true to myself means knowing what truth really is and remembering its not something you can purchase.


Echoes From the Hill said...

I understand what you are saying, but how does that reconcile wanting expensive designer trappings? Our lives are complex! I often feel the pull of simplifying but then see something I want, or think I want and feel that pull.

Patty said...

for me, recognizing that the designer trappings don't change your life, make you a better person, give you a lasting thrill shall we say, that is always a realization for me that they just don't feed the soul, only the ego and then I can step back, step away from the want of them. My purse is a fine example, a wonderful gift, but it was not something to make me a better person, it was and will remain, a wonderful gift from my husband that can show in a tangible way, that he values me profoundly. I would never wear a diamond ring, don't like jewelry, so this was in his way, that sort of gift, one I would use. But once you start wanting stuff like that, you seem to just want more...nice shoes, a dress to wear with them, etc. Same with a house, furniture, a car, a lifestyle....endless pit. I am happier working on what can not rust, rot or decay for my treasures.

Lib said...

Hope you're having a great wk.

Pen and Paperie said...

That BEAUTIFUL flower caught my eye (what kind is it?) but your post gives food for thought...
Getting caught up in those "notions" is part of going with the ebb and flow of things - but the waterline evens out and always hovers around your true self (...that was my somewhat sleepy attempt at a tidal metaphor...).
Nice post :)

Anonymous said...

I, too, like your simple living! :-)
You're speaking from a balanced perspective. It is both beautiful AND functional.


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