Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Joy Of Living

I have learned a lot from Mei-Ling. She is just a tiny little girl, but she has more love in her than what the world around her can even grasp. This past week, there have been Doctor visits, and tests and she is good at picking up on clues that something is up. She loves to ask the people in her life, "are you happy ?" and even if you felt a bit down, that sweet voice, that sincere look and the truth behind her question, makes you feel happy. I have watched her endure pain and discomfort with a grace I had no idea a child could even have. Her arms always reaching out to give you a hug, as if she cares more about your reaction to what she is going through, than what she herself is dealing with.
On the first of April, there will be another big test for her, one that requires her to be put under and I know she will be strong, she will remain sweet, never once entertaining the idea of being a woe as me person. What a lesson for all of us.
Mei-Ling understands the joy of living so deeply for such a little girl. She tells her mother, " I see God" and we all believe somehow she does, if even its just in the wings of a bird, or the shape of a cloud.
How blessed we all are to have her in our lives, we are so much richer for it and I know without a bit of doubt, God has big plans for her life.


Carole said...

OH, this is so touching. I keep praying for her. What a strong little girl she is !

debi said...

She has a beautiful heart. And a beautiful face. There is such a feeling of calmness in her sweet face.

Kim said...

I believe that God has plans for Mei Ling also. She is so special. I will keep this precious little girl in my prayers and you, her family, too. She is blessed to be surrounded by all of you also.

Wen said...

Just wanted to say that we are praying for little Mei Ling. My daughter (Lizzie) has a vesicostomy that we were hoping to have reversed this spring. Unfortunately, she will need it for another 2 years or so, but I can imagine how bittersweet the reversal is for your family. On the one hand there is the fear of surgery, but on the other the joy of giving her a chance for a more normal life. I hope that everything goes well with her testing and surgery. She's absolutely beautiful!

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