Monday, March 29, 2010

Any Day Now !

Licorice is about ready to have her kids. They should arrive any day now. Thursday is her actual due date but she looks more than ready now. Her udder is nice and full and her ligaments are "gone" as we say in the goat world.
I am anxious for new babies around. Love feeding them their bottles and playing with them. They are due the very same day Mei-Ling has a big procedure done, one in which she will have to be orally sedated and there is a lot riding on the results of this particular test, so would love many prayers for her. This test takes a couple hours and the recovery time for it can be up to a week in some children.
I will be watching Yen while Melanie and Casi take Mei-Ling into the hospital, so hopefully no kids will be born while I am watching him. Hard to take care of a couple of new born kids with a tiny baby in my arms !

Soon we will be able to quote Proverbs 27:27 again with accuracy for our family, although I don't happen to have any servants !
"You will have plenty of goats' milk to feed you and your family and to nourish your servant girls."


Julze said...

How exciting about the babies! Liquorice looks very ready to give birth!

Prayers said for Mei-ling. (((hugs)))

... Paige said...

yes for sure Prayers and a fast recovery

Pen and Paperie said...

Prayers for Mei-Ling + looking forward to seeing pics of bebe goats!!

Janette said...

I will be praying

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I will pray for Mei-Ling for the test and for a good recovery from it. And good luck with your goats!

Melzie said...

Will be praying!

Can't wait to see the kids :D

xoxo melzie

cherylhotton said...

Mei-Ling will be in my thoughts and prayers . Hope Liquorice has an easy delivery . My cousin's goat just had triplets . They are so cute .

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